The Hostal de Violeta is a family-friendly "Little Big Hotel" where you will feel at home and where, if you come back, you will no longer feel like a traveller to start feeling a friend.

It is not only the comfortable, fully equipped, quiet and impeccably clean rooms that assault your senses as soon as you open the door that make this accommodation a different and differentiated place in Tomelloso; It is above all the people who work here and we put our hearts into what we do who make this place a special accommodation. Because we take care of you, your tastes and your needs.

At the Hostal de Violeta we take care of you, your preferences, and your needs.

In a hotel the most important thing is to be able relax, and then everything adds up. What the families who have stayed with us over the years like the most is to enjoy a family atmosphere, where they can take it easy and rest with their children, especially young children, but without giving up any comfort: having everything at hand and being treated warmly.

It also sets us apart to know how important your pets are to you*. We know that they are also your family and that is why they are welcome in our house.

Every family, every trip, every person has their story, and at the Hostal de Violeta we know and appreciate it.

With the professionalism that our clients deserve and the heart of a shared dream come true, we wish you a happy stay.

*At El Hostal de Violeta the pets are welcome but remember that we prefer that you DO NOT leave them alone in your room. Depending on the size of the pet a supplement may be applied. You can read the conditions at or if you tell us in advance the size of the pet we can inform you about the exact supplement.


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